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54,000 Sq/Ft – Tile for: Turtle Bay Resort

For the resort’s guestroom shower and tub walls, WCIT ARCHITECTURE imagined a subtlety shaded tile that looked as though it had been custom glazed by hand. Maybe this could work for a small boutique hotel, but “Custom Made” was not a likely fit for the budget with over 400 rooms and suites.

WCIT had raised this inquiry early in the project’s conceptual phase and there was time enough to explore a creative solution. Evergreen by Debra, LLC leveraged its 35 years experience in the tile industry and worked with our manufacturing partners to develop a new tile product from scratch. Within 3 to 4 months we a developed an acceptable mockup and at no cost to WCIT or their resort clients. The color of the tile was fine tuned during the submittal process and  4” x 8” Bay Bone Blend Gloss was created.

A New Tile! Conceived of and designed by WCIT ARCHITECTURE for 54,000 Sq/Ft of 4” x 8” Bay Bone Blend, developed, produced & successfully delivered by Evergreen by Debra, LLC

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