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INTERSTYLE CERAMIC + GLASS – Glass Wall, Counters and Glass Floor Tile – 30 different product lines available in more than 60 crisp, clean and deep colors. From 1” to 16”, every square and rectangle is available, and custom sizes and shapes. For use in interior, exterior, water features and floor tile applications. LEEDS Info: Tile for a project may be ordered with 100% recycled material. Please ask us about this new program. New! – LUSCIOUS ARCHITECTURAL GLASS SURFACES

THE MOSAIC ART DEPARTMENT (TMAD) – Medallions, Borders and Murals made of hand cut tesserae: In marble, limestone, travertine, granite and Tiffany style glass. The mosaic method opus tessellatum is exploited to create masterpieces for floor and wall, indoors and out, residential and commercial floors, walls or table tops.

TREND GROUP – A world class mosaic collection from premium quality Venetian style enamel in 20x20mm; to Recycled Glass floor tile suitable for commercial floor installations made of engineered agglomerate with fragmented glass, quartz and granite.
TREND-Q a Glass-Resin-Agglomerate (2013 color pallet PDF 12 Pgs, 2mb) in tile and slabs. Beautiful and Heavy Duty for commercial floors, counter tops and shower walls, with GreenGuard Certification “For Children & Schools.” TREND-Q requires NO Sealing, NO Waxing & NO Polishing!

TREND-Q2 NEW COLORS for 2013 TREND-Q2 NEW COLORS ADDED FOR 2013 PLEASE SEE Click here > (Q2 2013 New color pallet PDF 4 Pgs, 2mb)

TREND Smalti Veneziani for Mosaic Artists is also available.