Industrial Wall & Floor Tile

  • Extra heavy duty industrial pavers with specialized slip resistant options to meet the new ANSI-DCOF Slip Resistance Standards for commercial and residential projects.
  • Pool Tile used in hospitality and sport programs for walls, floors and infinity edge design.

Wall & Floor Tile

Architectural specialty glazed veneer tile and panels including mortarless installations such as DryTile. Slip resistant tile for Commercial & Industrial floors.

TUNNEL TILE – Specialized Tunnel Tile for:

  • John H Wilson Tunnels (Likelike Highway),
  • Tetsuo Harano Tunnels (H-3 Interstate Highway),
  • Marylands Fort McHenry Tunnels (1-95),
  • Baltimore Harbor Tunnels (1-895), and the
  • Washington DC Tunnel (1395).

Pools & Spas

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Mosaic Design

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Ceramic Façade Systems

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As simple as it is ingenious

What makes DryTile so unique is the special cork layer. This layer ensures that the tile sticks securely to the floor surface, with no need for mortar and adhesive. We call this new system dry tiling.

The idea behind it is as simple as it is ingenious. The weight of the tile presses the cork layer against the subsurface. The layer adheres to the subsurface through suction and prevents the tile from slipping. The cork layer also decouples the tile from the floor, ensuring higher impact sound insulation and better heat insulation.